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Cultural Enrichment, Music, and Arts 

The Cultural Enrichment, Music, and Arts Center is a multi-disciplinary arts organization serving local communities and offers opportunities in the arts for all people, all arts, all ages, skill levels and backgrounds. It was founded to promote art appreciation in the local region.

The Cultural Enrichment, Music, and Arts Center, is a 501C3 not for profit volunteer-led, mission-driven community organization that has been created to serve the multi-cultural community. Our name defines who WE are and what we specialize in... Cultural Enrichment, Music, and Arts...CEMA. Our educational program offers a number of workshops for all arts, all people, all ages. We believe that music is the best form of communication in the world, and our MUSIC programs provide musical training to all ages on every level. Our ART programs teach men, women, young adults and children how to embrace their own beauty and nourish their love for art. We offer ALL of our services to everyone.  Programs and activities at CEMA are designed to:

  • Promote educational, cultural, recreational and other charitable activities for the benefit of the local residents where we provide our services.  

  • Enhance and strengthen the cultural, educational, charitable, civic and community infrastructure in the local region.

  • Promote the cultural arts through music, drama, fine arts, entertainment, sports, recreation and other charitable activities through education and training.

  • Develop and promote annual festivals as community events for the benefit of all local residents where we present our events.

  • Pursue public and private grants, donations and contributions, to be recognized by state and local taxing authorities as a tax-exempt organization and to be able to partner with other nonprofit organizations for the benefit of the community at large.


Our programs are a tremendous asset to any community. A lot of our community events and activities are FREE and open to the general public. We have activities for everyone! Men, women, Seniors, children and good ole fashioned family fun! At our festivals, we want everyone in the community to experience the pulchritude of music and the arts first hand while raising awareness about CEMA and signing up new participants.

CEMA presents annual events to display the work and talent of all CEMA members, participants, supporters, and registered artists.  The presentation of these events are fundraising opportunities to help the organization with the materials needed for the workshops.  In many cases, these materials are provided free to all participants.

All CEMA programming supports our institutional mission:  The growth and cultural enrichment of the local community through community partnerships that promote music, drama, fine arts, entertainment, sports, recreation and other activities. CEMA also offers special programming and events with community partners throughout the year.

The CEMA staff and volunteers work many hours planning music and arts programs, developing social services resources, developing special community fundraising events, holding workshops, and general operations. ​​Collaboration and partnerships are the foundation of our projects. Without the knowledge, resources, capabilities, and manpower that partnerships can bring, we would be unable to accomplish the depth and number of programs we have developed. Likewise, without our excellence in planning and management skills, our ability to build and nurture community partnerships would not be a reality. ​

We are focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place through cultural enrichment, entertainment, music and the arts. With the help of our tireless volunteer team, we organize fundraisers, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for the under served communities, families, CEMA interns and volunteers.

The arts and creativity have the potential to be an increasingly visible strategy to addressing the cultural differences. CEMA is firmly committed to preparing its participants and supporters for the demands of a changing global society, to give them the tools they need for success in their future artistic and professional endeavors.

We offer residency programs to select students and artists to promote their talent in music, fine arts, and cultural enrichment education.  This residency program is available to everyone.

CEMA Center is dedicated to the region’s cultural core in arts experiences that strengthen community.

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