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CEMA Center offers a distinctive and unique facility that is ideal for creating a lasting impression and a memorable event.

CEMA Center is operated daily as the administrative office of CEMA Foundation, the Cultural Enrichment, Music, and Arts Center, CEMA Studios, and a rental facility.  

In conjunction with the daily activities of the CEMA Center, the facility holds educational programs & workshops for music and arts students, concerts, festivals, exhibits, lectures, and seminars. In addition, community meetings and senior activities are offered periodically.

Inside CEMA Center is one of the city’s premier venues offering clients a full range of services to suit any need. A team of knowledgeable and skilled professionals coordinates all services offered at CEMA Center.

We can accommodate a complete range of events, from live theatrical shows, concerts, movie screenings, galas, to receptions, lectures, meetings and much more!  CEMA Center is also available for private parties, luncheons, meetings and more. 

CEMA Center can serve as the perfect backdrop to your next event!


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