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A Space created for

CEMA Center is a venue for discovery and inspiration for expression. We offer comprehensive arts education programs 

that are taught by the best volunteer teaching artists that are available.

CEMA Center is a place for Artists to gather, experiment and grow. We offer a wide variety of programs for different mediums, skill levels and ages. Taking a workshop at CEMA Center is an investment in yourself and your community. Through our education agenda we are able to support professional local artists and serve our community with diverse and affordable programming. Your workshop fees also supports our Residency Program, enabling low income families in our area to enroll their children in fulfilling arts programs.


Our program catalog is continually evolving to provide new experiences along with student favorites and CEMA Center traditions. To support our vision of enriching all with inspiring art experiences, the locations we select, both in-person and virtually, offer something for every participant.

The CEMA experience is an environment we choose where you can enjoy world class entertainment. We partner with other businesses and organizations that can provide flexible performance spaces for our community festivals and events to showcase our members. Our partnerships with other community organizations and intentional programming of our own, creates a diverse lineup of live events to help fulfill our mission of All Arts, All People, All Ages.



To create opportunities to

embrace the diversity of cultures

in our community through cultural enrichment, music, and the arts.

Music Class


To provide the most effective art experiences that strengthen our community.



Break Dance Crew


To develop a long history of shaping the lives of all people, all cultures, all ages through our community events,

community services, and affiliations

within the Community. 

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Classes & Workshops

The Music and Arts Education Workshops and classes provides a thorough, comprehensive training ground for young people who believe they will pursue an artistic career. Cultivating critical thinking, art making, self-discovery, and technical development—all are objectives of our arts curriculum.


Our nurturing instructors promotes students’ mastery of their unique creative processes, opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, exposure to prominent cultural leaders and artists—as well as the solid academic foundation to enable younger participants to shape their own careers. Whether they decide to pursue college degrees or go directly for professional arts opportunities, our dedicated students grow through training and numerous opportunities to exhibit their artwork as well as to perform, publish, and document their experience.


CEMA Center presents annual events to display the work and talent of all CEMA Center 

participants, supporters, sponsors, and residency artists. The presentation of our community events are fundraising opportunities to help the organization with the materials needed for the workshops that

we offer.  In many cases, these materials are provided free to the participants.


Keeping the arts accessible is a vital part of our mission, so CEMA 

sponsors a variety of programs each year that are free and open to the public. Annual events include ORANGEFEST, art gallery talks, music lectures, exhibitions and tours, drawing thousands of community visitors. Our partnerships with other Arts Organizations brings thousands of local residents to our community events for free performances by performing artists from around the world. Through our Outreach Program, we also ensure performances for school children by encouraging class trips to CEMA Events to see show performances.   


Performing Art Class


The CEMA Volunteer Program aims to provide talented individuals with the hands-on experience they need to be successful in the community service business.  It is a stepping stone into a multitude of careers on the business end of the non profit sector as well as the entertainment industry.

Video Blogger


Among the purposes of  CEMA is to provide an outlet for the creative skills and energies of the community. To this end, we encourage members of the community to submit programming proposals to CEMA Studios. Proposals should be no more than a page long and should include information about the prospective on-air host, including any relevant on-air experience, as well as information about the prospective show. Successful proposals will be detailed, to the point and will keep CEMA's mission statement in mind. 

Collecting Donations


More than 80% of CEMA's funds comes from our community events, membership drives, sponsors, and promotional drives.  They are intrinsic to the success of the organization. Volunteers answer phones and record incoming donations. Shifts are generally four hours and are available weekdays and weekends, 6am-10pm. Groups are also welcome, and groups of 4 or more will be recognized when we do our live podcasts and live feeds via social media!

Open Work Space


Help get the word out about CEMA! Ambassadors spread news about CEMA at CEMA sponsored community events throughout the country.  This is a great opportunity for those of our supporters who would like to volunteer, but do not live near the CEMA Center, or are only free on evenings and weekends.



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