Our workshops are lead by a team of volunteers, interns, and professionals that donate their time and money to this cause.  The workshops are designed to help develop listening and communication skills and introduce the idea of the body rhythm. We start out with activities that are great for energizing a group and building the creative risk to allow everyone to take creative leadership. Teaching is as much about entertaining your audience as informing them. We make our workshops lively, varied, fun and unexpected so that our participants will learn more — and be more likely to come back for more. 

At no other time in recent educational history have academics been more scrutinized than at present, and here at the Cultural Enrichment, Music, and Arts Center, we believe this is an integral part of maintaining our goal to provide artist development and music and fine arts workshops that meet our standard toward a successful career in fine arts and entertainment as a profession.

We consider our community workshops to meet the highest performing standards for all students who sign up to participate and the CEMA Center encourages its students to take advance placement course loads that includes music appreciation, public speaking, acting, theatre, and cultural enrichment courses. Our after school programs and day classes meet according to monthly schedules that are posted depending on the classes and the age range. 

The CEMA Center is firmly committed to preparing its students for the demands of a changing global society, to give them the tools they need for success in their future educational, artistic and professional endeavors.

That is why we highly recommend to the students that sign up for our workshops and artist development programs to enroll in the College Tours Programs that we provide annually.