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To create opportunities to learn, embrace, and celebrate the diversity of local and World cultures through cultural enrichment, music, and the arts.

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To develop a long history of shaping the lives of people of all cultures and ages through our community events, community services, and affiliations within the Community. 

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To choose our business partners, suppliers, and products carefully, only aligning ourselves with those who have the highest standards of quality work, moral values, integrity, and great reputations of business and personal ethics,  and the desire to build and nurture relationships with all people, all arts, and all ages that compliments CEMA Foundation's oath of excellence.   


We are dedicated to providing the most effective and knowledgeable professionals and volunteers listening to the needs of our community, and exceeding all expectations.


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CEMA Center is a venue for discovery and inspiration for expression. We offer the most comprehensive arts education program in the region taught by the best Teaching Artists in our area.

CEMA Center is a place for Artists to gather, experiment and grow, we offer a wide variety of classes for different mediums, skill levels and ages. Taking a class at CEMA Center is an investment in yourself and your community. Through our Education Department we are able to support professional local Artists and serve our community with diverse and affordable programming. Your class tuition also supports our Scholarship Program, enabling low income families in our area to enroll their children in fulfilling arts classes.


Our Class Catalog is continually evolving to provide new experiences along with student favorites and CEMA Center traditions. From ceramics to yoga to music, discover an enriching class for all ages — toddlers through adults. To support our vision of enriching all with inspiring art experiences, our classrooms, both in-person and virtually, offer something for every student.

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The CEMA Center is your community center where you can experience world class entertainment in an intimate venue (with free parking!) without having to travel far. Long treasured by  our local 

residents, the variety of live performances and events at CEMA Center attracts audiences from far and wide. With several flexible performance spaces and an outdoor campus and partnerships with other community organizations and intentional programming of our own, a diverse lineup of live events and film screenings help fulfill our mission of All Arts, All People, All Ages.

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